Antonio Hughes

123 Staffing & 24Hr. Care LLC.

Licensed Partner Since 2023

USA Staffing Services - Knoxville, Tennessee

With over five years as a Certified Nursing Assistant and three years as President of 123 Staffing & 24Hr Care, LLC., Antonio Hughes joins the USA Staffing Services Licensing Program as a dedicated healthcare staffing provider for the southeast United States. 

Antonio's dedicated travel CNAs, LPNs, and RNs know what it is like firsthand to deliver quality service. He works with his clients to deliver quality staff that want to see the better in their patients.

Antonio Specializes in hiring for Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Hospitals, and Correctional Staffing.

Antonio has designed a service that:

  1. Reduces client cost, which makes it more affordable and a useful long-term service.
  2. Offers comprehensive training and continuing education to our medical talent.
  3. Where all medical talent is LIcensed, bonded, and professionally insured with workers' compensation and liability insurance.


Phone: (865) 366-0403

Location: Southeast United States (Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi)

Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Correctional Staffing

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