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What We Do For Employers:

Recruit Specialized Talent

Provide Workers Compensation Coverage

Manage Employee Related Risks


Benefits of USA Staffing Services for Employers

Get assistance with expert recruiting, pass on the responsibilities of payroll, and mitigate risk via USA Staffing Services specialized solutions.

Nationwide Coverage

Our Staffing Partners are carefully vetted, so you can be confident you’re getting top-notch staffing and recruiting partners dedicated to finding you the very best fit. We have partners all throughout the country with different speciality focuses. Giving you plenty of options to connect with the right recruiting partner!

Payroll Services

Payroll and taxes take up time and resources. Let us take that all off of your plate with our back-office management solutions.

Contract Staffing Solutions

Unlock new opportunities, access niche skillsets, and increase the agility of your organization. Discover how we balance quality and cost to bring you the skills and expertise you need on a non-permanent basis. Temporary staff offers a cost-effective solution to access skills, empower access to niche expertise without the commitment of expanding your headcount.

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Solutions For Your Workforce With Contact Staffing

Hiring contract and permanent staff are two completely different processes which require different levels efforts and commitment

Streamlined Process

Your company's success depends on the ability to smoothly move candidates through the recruitment process up until the orientation. We've created a foundation build on the latest and greatest technology to minimize any challenges or setbacks.

Immediate Results, Achieve Goals

By entrusting our team with the recruiting process, your staff can redirect their attention to other critical aspects of the business. This shift not only saves valuable time but also accelerates your progress toward achieving business goals

Flexibility With Limited Risks

Leave the administrative processes to us—we’ll manage complex compliance requirements, including right-to-work documentation and contractual agreements. The individuals we recommend for your organization are not only engaged and verified but also poised to hit the ground running with any projects you need completed. Contract staffing gives you the flexibility to hire seasonally or on a per project basis without the full-time commitment.

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