Chris Houy

Allium Recruiting & Business Advisory

Licensed Partner Since 2021

USA Staffing Services - Tampa, Florida

Chris Houy and Allium Recruiting & Business Advisory's mission is to create positive change through technology by helping companies achieve their business goals, connecting them with talented individuals, and providing opportunities for community involvement.

Companies need the right talent to succeed, and Allium helps them find it. As a recruiting professional with over ten years of experience, Chris is passionate about partnering with companies and candidates to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Here are some of the ways Chris and Allium can help companies and candidates:

For companies:

Allium helps you find the right talent to achieve your business goals. They have a deep network of talented individuals and constantly search for new candidates. They also help you align your recruiting process for faster hiring times and smoother training transitions.

For candidates:

They help you find the right job that matches your skills, interests, and culture. They also help you with your resume, cover letter, and interview skills. I am here to support you every step of the way.

If you are a company or a candidate looking for help, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We want to discuss your needs and see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Phone: (850) 530-7212

Location: Greater Tampa Bay and South Florida Regions

Permanent Placement for Technical (IT) Positions

Are you in search of top-notch talent to fill your technical (IT) positions in Tampa? Look no further than Allium's Permanent Placement Services! As a leading provider of Human Resources and Consulting Services in Tampa, Florida, we specialize in connecting businesses with exceptional IT professionals who can drive innovation and success.

We understand the pivotal role that IT plays in today's competitive business landscape, and we strive to deliver the best candidates who possess the right skills, experience, and cultural fit for your organization.

With a vast network of professionals at our disposal, we have the resources to identify and attract top talent that may not be readily available through traditional recruitment methods. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to tap into niche talent pools, ensuring that you have access to the most skilled individuals who can propel your business forward.

Ready to take your technical team to new heights? Engage with Allium today and experience the difference we can make for your business. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to listen to your needs and provide you with a customized solution. Contact us now to get started on finding the IT professionals who are the perfect fit for your organization.

Large Volume-based Placements

At Allium, we are proud to offer our exceptional service for large volume-based placements. Through our strategic partnership with the esteemed Staffing Management Group , we bring you unparalleled expertise in managing large-scale placements for contracting and special projects.

So, what exactly are large volume-based placements? It is a sophisticated and efficient service tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in Tampa seeking to staff up for sizeable projects or temporary assignments. Whether you require a workforce for a short-term initiative, seasonal demand, or any other volume-based requirement, our service is here to address your needs seamlessly.

What sets our service apart is our unwavering dedication to excellence and extensive industry knowledge. We understand the challenges that come with managing a large team, and we have perfected the art of streamlining the hiring process to ensure swift and successful placements. With our extensive network and rigorous selection process, we find candidates that match your unique requirements, both in terms of skills and cultural fit.

Our team of expert recruiters is ready to work closely with you, providing personalized attention and unrivaled support. Contact us now for a consultation and allow us to showcase how our service can transform your staffing process and accelerate your success.

Operations and Organizational Behavior Consulting

Are you a small business leader in Tampa, Florida? Are you feeling stuck and unsure of how to take your organization to the next level? Look no further! Allium's Operations and Organizational Behavior Consulting is here to help.

We have a deep understanding of organizational behavior. We leverage this knowledge to identify the root causes of inefficiencies, conflicts, and other operational issues within your company. By addressing these issues head-on, we help you unlock your organization's full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

Running a small business is not easy, and sometimes you need an outside perspective to uncover blind spots and provide unbiased guidance. We collaborate closely with you and your team, offering practical solutions and proven strategies to enhance employee engagement, improve communication, streamline operations, and foster a positive work culture.

Ready to get unstuck? Take advantage of our Business Advisory service and let us help you navigate the complexities of organizational behavior. We are committed to your success, and our experienced consultants will be with you every step of the way.

Candidate Experience

With our candidate experience service, designed to provide a collaborative and attentive experience, we aim to exceed all your expectations. We take the time to listen to your aspirations and diligently work towards connecting you with suitable opportunities. With our personalized care, we ensure that your journey is smooth and successful.

Throughout the process, we prioritize clear communication and involve you in finding solutions. Your dedicated recruiter will provide timely feedback, adhering to agreed-upon communication standards. You'll always be informed and engaged, giving you confidence every step of the way.

With our candidate experience service, you gain access to a comprehensive range of support. We offer market data, career guidance, resume review, interview preparation, negotiation advice, resignation preparation, and logistical assistance. Our focus is on highlighting your skills, potential, and drive while promoting diversity, inclusion, and healthy working environments.

At Allium, we understand that finding the right career opportunity is crucial. By engaging with our candidate experience service, you empower yourself to navigate the job market with ease and confidence. Discover the difference our services can make in your career journey. Contact us today, and let us help you unlock your true potential.

Recruiting and Staffing

We specialize in connecting the right talent to the right company culture. Our secret? We prioritize quality over quantity, working with a select number of clients and turning away twice as many. This means that you'll receive a curated pool of top-notch candidates who fit seamlessly into your organization.

But that's not all. As your strategic partners, we value open communication and transparency. With us, you can expect real-time updates, data-driven recruiting feedback, and brainstorming sessions to align our efforts with your business goals. We know that recruiting is more than just finding qualified individuals; it's about finding the perfect match for your company's mission and values.

With over 30 years of combined leadership in recruiting and staffing, we boast a deep understanding of Organizational Behavior, Business Analytics, and Revenue Flow. Our expertise extends across various tech disciplines and industries, making us well-equipped to handle even the most niche requirements.

Our focus is on Permanent Positions in Software and Mobile Development, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain. Additionally, through our partnership with Staffing Management Group, we offer contract and project placement, enabling us to handle large volume-based projects while maintaining the personalized touch of our bundled staffing solutions.

Don't settle for average when you can be exceptional. Trust Allium to transform your recruiting and staffing experience. Let us help you find the best talent and revolutionize your team today. Contact us now to take the first step towards your HR success. Together, we can achieve greatness.


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