How to Find a Staffing Support Service to Fill Medical Device Jobs

Hiring and recruitment are not easy in a competitive environment like the medical devices sector, and there are countless hoops that employers must jump through to get the best talent. That’s where staffing support services can help you. But finding the best staffing support service can be challenging. Here’s how to find one that can help you fill the medical device jobs in your organization with the best candidates.

Set goals

Some questions to ask yourself when identifying your goals include:

  • What are the requirements for the various job openings?
  • What are my expectations for working with a staffing partner?
  • Do I need to get temporary positions filled or long-term positions filled?
  • Are my competitors looking for similar applicants as well?
  • Am I willing to train entry-level candidates, or do I need candidates with previous medical device/cleanroom experience?

Answers to the above questions help you understand what type of candidates you need. With clear goals in mind, you can better evaluate various staffing agencies – what they have to offer and whether their services suit your purposes.

Select staffing support services with relevant experience

Any staffing agency offering workforce solutions can find suitable medical device candidates for your company. Still, working with a staffing support service that has already worked with medical device companies and candidates is a great practice. This is a niche industry with myriad industry regulations. If a staffing support service does not have relevant experience working in this field, it can struggle to fill positions.

Consider the company’s knowledge of recent market trends

The labor market adjusts over time. Understanding what’s happening in the current labor market is critical to finding the ideal medical device job candidates.

A reliable staffing firm can provide insights into the type of workers you should seek. More importantly, it will know what opportunities today’s medical device candidates seek.

Look for staffing support services that are knowledgeable on the current market trends. Ask potential staffing support partners how they:

  • Tracks market trends
  • Rack job seeker motivation

If they don’t have an answer to these questions, they probably work their way around by guessing. Hone in on staffing services that give you definite answers on how they track job trends – they are the services that can successfully fill in your vacant medical devices positions.

Ask about the Staffing service’s process

Staffing services have their unique process for finding the best talent and understanding your business.

Some questions to ask include:

  • How do you find medical device candidates?
  • How do you screen resumes of medical device candidates?
  • Will you network to find the skills my company needs, or will you only fill the position with one of your existing candidates?

Reliable staffing support services will find the right candidate for every position that must be filled – even if they must hunt down the right candidate through extensive networking. Under no circumstance will they fill a job with a candidate who does not have the specific skill sets required for a particular position.

Staffing Management Group is a group of passionate staffing experts who provide workforce solutions to solve your staffing problems. With over 50 years in the industry, we have helped organizations across every sector find the perfect employees. Drop us a line if you want us to help you find the right medical device candidate for your business.

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