Our Mission: To Be Your Back Office Partner

Our focus is to be a complete back office support partner, with the mission of helping others succeed in the staffing and contingency placement arena, with the highest level of integrity.

The relationships we build with our Authorized Dealers are true partnerships. We build solid foundations by developing strong relationships and are committed to becoming an effective and dedicated staffing services partner by helping your business and your career.

USA Staffing Services was Founded in 2010 by Matthew Kolinski with the goal to be a back office support service provider for independent recruiters and staffing firm owners. Fueled by our year over year growth, USA has the logistics to operate in all 50 states. At any given time, USA has active temporary employees in 35-40 different states.

As Authorized Dealers of USA Staffing Services, the independent recruiters and staffing firm owners leverage the ability compete on a national level to provide full service staffing to their customers. Our Authorized Dealers are the engine that drives our growth. With USA Staffing Services managing their back-office operations, this enables the ability to provide a better service to their customers, hence driving their growth and ours together as a team.

Increase Efficiency. Simplify Your Process. Get More Done.

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