Operations Associate

Brewer Global - USA

Operations Associate


*Salary: $19.00/hr 


Location: Las Vegas, NV




We are searching for an Operations Associate for Logistics to support the warehouse and ensure a safe operation workplace. Ensuring efficient and safe warehouse operation includes tasks such as receiving, storing, picking, and packing, and overseeing other warehouse tasks.  

Your Responsibilities will include:

  • Overall delivery tasks such as staging, labeling, loading, and delivering
  • Overseeing workloads and schedules of Warehouse Support
  • Reporting warehouse activities to the Operation Manager
  • Ensuring loads are complete and secured to prevent damage during transportation
  • Managing warehouse supplies by counting inventories
  • Recording and managing daily safety checks on the truck & forklift
  • Monitoring the fuel level of the forklift and replacing the empty LP cylinders when needed
  • Assisting in cyclical inventory counting and periodic inventory reviews
  • Complying with safety procedures and equipment operating rules
  • Performing general warehouse duties and other duties as instructed or assigned

Your Requirements will include: 

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent 
  • 5 years of relevant warehouse experience (preferably 2+ years in a supervisor role)
  • Previous experience driving a 26 ft. truck and utilizing a tuck-under liftgate
  • Valid forklift certificate for a sit-down forklift
  • Proficiency in computer literacy & data-entry skills 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

To apply for this job please visit USAStaffing.myavionte.com.