Physical Therapist


Job Title: Physical Therapist

Overview: We are seeking a highly skilled and compassionate Physical Therapist to join our healthcare team. The Physical Therapist will play a critical role in providing patient-centered care, evaluating and treating individuals with physical impairments, injuries, or disabilities to improve their mobility and quality of life.


  1. Patient Evaluation and Treatment:

    • Perform thorough patient evaluations, including assessments of movement, strength, flexibility, and functional abilities.
    • Develop individualized treatment plans and goals based on assessments and collaborate with patients to achieve optimal outcomes.
  2. Therapeutic Interventions:

    • Administer a variety of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques, and modalities to reduce pain, improve mobility, and restore function.
    • Utilize assistive devices and adaptive equipment to aid patients in achieving their therapeutic goals.
  3. Patient Education and Rehabilitation:

    • Educate patients and their families about their condition, treatment plans, and home exercise programs to promote self-management and prevent re-injury.
    • Guide patients through rehabilitation exercises and techniques, ensuring proper form and adherence to treatment plans.
  4. Progress Monitoring and Documentation:

    • Regularly reassess patient progress, modify treatment plans as necessary, and maintain accurate and detailed documentation of patient care.
    • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure coordinated and comprehensive patient care.
  5. Communication and Collaboration:

    • Communicate effectively with patients, families, and caregivers, providing updates on progress, discussing treatment plans, and addressing concerns.
    • Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, including physicians, occupational therapists, and rehabilitation specialists, to optimize patient outcomes.


  • Doctoral or Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited program.
  • State licensure as a Physical Therapist and compliance with state regulations.
  • Strong clinical reasoning, assessment, and treatment skills.
  • Excellent communication, empathy, and patient-centered care skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative healthcare team.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior experience in a clinical or outpatient setting.
  • Specialized certifications or training in areas such as orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, or geriatrics.
  • Proficiency in using electronic health records (EHR) systems or rehabilitation software.


  • Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.
  • Opportunities for professional development, continuing education, and specialization.
  • Supportive work environment focused on delivering high-quality patient care.
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