Find the Work-Life Balance That’s Right for You in 2020

Defining your version of work-life balance takes time. Although work often may take precedence over other important responsibilities, you also need to focus on your well-being to remain productive and successful. After all, finding balance is important to your physical, emotional, mental, and career health. Implement these tips to find the work-life balance that’s right for you in 2020.

Focus on Harmony

Rather than focusing on work-life balance, aim for harmony. Balancing work and life implies that there’s a trade-off of one for the other. Striving for harmony means that some days you’ll focus more on work and some days more on life. Overall, you’ll create harmony between the two.

Plan Business Lunches

Instead of planning business dinners, plan lunches. You’ll have more flexibility near the end of the workday to get home and spend time with your family. If you need to plan afternoon meetings, make sure they end by the time you want to leave work. Before each meeting begins, mention the time you want to finish and what your priority is. For instance, “This meeting ends at six pm so I can attend my child’s sporting event.” Everyone should understand and do their best to be efficient.

Visualize Juggling Rubber and Glass Balls

Think about work-life balance as juggling rubber and glass balls. The rubber ball is work. The glass balls are family, health, friends, and spirit. When you’re juggling the balls, and you drop the rubber one, work, it will bounce back. However, if you drop the glass balls – family, health, friends or spirit – they become scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or shattered. They never will be the same. This is why you need to find the right balance to fit your priorities.

Prioritize Wellness

Make wellness a priority. Well-being is connected to productivity. Extreme overwork leads to burnout and exhaustion. To combat this issue, focus on getting enough sleep at night, meditating during the day, and being deliberate about scheduling in time to unplug and recharge.

Stress Quality over Quantity

The quality of time spent with family and friends is more important than the quantity. Even though you won’t be able to spend as much with loved ones as you’d like, know that the time you’re able to be with them is meaningful. Focus on strengthening your most important relationships as much as possible. Be present in those moments to show how much you care.

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