Win the Battle for Talent – Part 2: Make a Real Commitment to Workplace Diversity

This is the second in a series of five posts on winning the battle for talent.

When it comes to winning the battle for talent, you need strong diversity in your workplace. You benefit from increased market insight, agility and more. Here are four benefits of making a real commitment to workplace diversity.

Become a Recruiting Powerhouse

You have increased access to a wider variety of skill sets and experience to help your business grow. Because your employees feel respected and valued, they remain engaged in their work and produce desired results. Since employees work in areas that fit their experience and interests, they’re able to add to their skill set and move up within your organization. Because you provide a work environment in which everyone is encouraged to grow, you increase your retention rates while decreasing hiring and training costs. As your employees excel in their positions, your company prospers along with them.

Increase Innovation

Having a mix of generations and cultures allows for a wider range of ideas to expand and streamline operations. You gain access to a variety of mindsets, work habits and aptitude for technology to move your company forward. Your employees use their different skills and experiences to solve problems and work together to achieve common goals.

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Build Your Client Base

Because Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, LGBT individuals and other minorities continue to increase their purchasing power, you want them to choose your company to fill their needs. Also, because minorities will become the majority in the next few decades, you want to encourage them to use their talents to move your company forward rather than helping your competitors.

Join International Markets

Because your employees may have family and friends in other countries, you can gain greater insight into the language, customs and other aspects of life to help you expand your business into that part of the world. You can ask those employees to become brand ambassadors who explain the benefits of doing business with your company, answer questions about your products/services and encourage customer loyalty.

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