Win the Battle for Talent – Part 3: Show You’re a Real Person

This is the third in a series of five posts on winning the battle for talent.

In the competition for top talent, you need to show there are real people running your company. The best way to do this is by asking your employees to write online reviews of your business. Reviews provide insight into working for your company and encourage like-minded candidates to apply for positions.

Encourage Company Reviews

Because job candidates use Glassdoor and other websites to determine what it’s really like working for your business, they want to hear authentic responses from actual employees. Candidates want insight into company culture, work expectations, job satisfaction and more. Because candidates trust what employees say more than what employers say, employee reviews carry great weight in determining whether top candidates apply for jobs.

Respond to Company Reviews

When answering a positive review, address the employee by name. Thank them for choosing to work for you and make your company an industry leader. When answering a negative review, focus on the issue being mentioned. Speak with other employees involved in the matter. Explain your understanding of the situation and how you plan to resolve it. Offer to privately speak with the employee to further handle the issue. If the employee no longer works for you, compliment them on something specific they did to help your company, then wish them well. Job candidates will appreciate your taking the time to improve operations based on employee feedback.

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Use Company Reviews to Improve

Encourage all employees at every level to share specifics on what they like best about your company and their position, and what steps may be taken to improve in a certain area. Take action on implementing the ideas whenever possible. When job candidates see you encourage a culture of transparency and respond to employee feedback, you become a more attractive employer and increase your pool of top job candidates.

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