4 Ways to Use Video to Sell Your Company Culture to Passive Candidates

Because video will dominate internet traffic in coming years, you need to use it in your recruiting strategy. Since videos significantly increase engagement and share rate, you gain a substantially wider audience of viewers. Among those viewers are passive candidates who love their work, but would change jobs if they find a highly attractive opportunity. To show such opportunities to passive candidates, you can implement video on social media to let candidates see your work environment, meet the hiring manager, get to know potential colleagues and more. Here are four ways to use video to sell your company culture to passive candidates.

1. Create Company Culture Videos

Show what your office looks like, relate your mission and values, and highlight your community service programs. Show passive candidates what matters to your organization. Distribute your video across paid and free social media channels. Use paid advertising options to engage a wider audience of passive candidates.

2. Post Videos on Your Career Page

Posting videos on your career site makes your company more interesting and appealing to passive candidates. When they visit your site, they can see what it is like working in your organization. Use videos to provide employee testimonials and show everyday life at the office. Interview employees about their roles and what they do on a daily basis to create an impact. Focus on why they love their jobs, the challenges they overcome, and satisfaction they receive from completing projects. Highlight interesting facts about an employee, team or department. Share your videos with passive candidates so they learn about potential co-workers and what drives them to succeed. Attach the videos to job listings as well.

3. Share Videos on Social Media

Sharing videos on your company’s social media accounts keeps potential candidates up to date on what is happening within your organization. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to post live videos showcasing the fun company activities your employees participate in. Encourage your employees to share your videos on their personal pages to reach more passive candidates.

4. Use Video to Communicate With Passive Candidates

Using video when communicating with passive candidates leaves an impression about your company culture. When emailing passive candidates, embed a video or include a link to a recruitment video to show how your culture differs from others and why people want to work for you. Point out how candidates can submit a video application and use video interviewing rather than taking the time for a phone screening or going to the office to meet with a hiring manager.

Find More Time to Recruit Passive Job Candidates

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