Trust – the Key to Being a Better Leader in 2020

As a new decade begins, part of your focus should be on becoming a better leader. One way to become a better leader is to develop trust with your team. Cultivating trust increases productivity, engagement, and retention while lowering costs. Find out how to become a better leader in 2020 by developing trust with your team.

Hire on Potential

Rather than hiring solely on skills, hire on potential. Skills can be taught to the candidate who seems committed and ready to take on new responsibilities. Also, experience with a job doesn’t mean significant growth or change in that area. Since products, processes, experiences, and education quickly become obsolete, look for candidates with creativity, adaptability, and communication skills. This is especially important when the work is innovative, and speed is important. Uncover a candidate’s potential by asking what they know about your company, which questions they have for you, and why you should hire them. The answers will demonstrate how prepared the candidate is, how they deal with the unexpected, and how they take control of the interview to show they’re a great fit for the position.

Speak Up

Have a presence and let your team get to know who you are by speaking up. For instance, prepare meaningful comments or questions to bring up during meetings. Contribute to conversations. Show why you care about what you do, your company, and your role. Connect with purpose. Gain credibility by showing your knowledge and passion for the subject. Affect the direction a conversation goes in.

Welcome Feedback

Encourage team members to provide you with constructive feedback. For instance, invite teammates to provide ideas or opportunities that can benefit the organization. Implement them whenever possible. Share what you’re working on, then ask for your team’s perspective. After you implement their feedback, ask how you’re progressing.

Encourage Transparency

Demonstrate how important transparency is for reaching objectives. For instance, encourage work-life balance by talking about what’s most important in your team members’ personal lives and helping them attain it as much as possible. Be clear about expectations, deliverables, and timing, so everyone understands what’s expected of them and how performance will be measured. Provide flexibility to attain objectives using individual work styles independently. Believe that your team’s skills, creativity, and training will get the work done.

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