Recruiting ROI: What Are You Tracking on Your Career Site?

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Determining what metrics to track on your career site can improve your ROI for recruiting. By assessing the effectiveness of your site and recruitment practices, you can determine where you are, where you have been, and where you want to be. You can use the data to make changes to your recruiting efforts and potentially receive more desirable results. Here are some metrics to help reach your goal.

Visits and Visitors

The number of visits to your career site is important. The data tells you how many opportunities you had to turn a job seeker into an applicant. Tracking visits over time can show whether your SEO and other promotional efforts are working. Also, comparing visits with unique visitors gives an idea of how often job seekers return to your site. For instance, if you have 200 visits in a week and 100 visitors, many visitors are viewing your site more than once.

Job Views

The number of job views on your site shows how many visitors are looking at opportunities. Keep in mind job views will be affected by the number of openings on the site, time of year and other factors. You can determine how many jobs your visitors view on average by dividing the number of total job views by total visits. For example, 400 job views / 200 visits = an average of 2 jobs viewed per visit.


The most important metric on your career site is the number of applications. You can track applications, monitor them over time, and look at application rates to determine how effective your career site and recruiting campaigns are. Simply divide the number of visits by the number of applications, or the number of job views by the number of applications. Also, finding the referral source of the applications, such as a specific job board or social media platform, lets you know which are most effective.

Pages Per Visit and Time on Site

The number of pages per visit and time on site demonstrate the typical level of interest a visitor had with your career site. The average time on site gives an idea of how long visitors spent browsing. Average pages per visit provides an idea of how many pages visitors looked at. In most cases, visitors who spend more time and look at more pages are more interested in your offerings.

Traffic Sources

Specific traffic sources show where your referrals are coming from. Job postings on Glassdoor and other job boards, LinkedIn and other social media sites, and other traffic sources link back to your career site. Knowing which sources the greatest number of applicants came from shows where you should focus more recruiting resources and where you should reduce or eliminate resources.

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