Top Candidates Want Different Perks than Average Talent

As a business owner, there will be times when you find candidates with all the qualifications you want, only to have them work elsewhere right before you offer them a job. Having invested a significant amount of time recruiting them and offering a competitive salary, you may be wondering what you could have done differently. In many cases, you need to offer unique perks to attract and retain top talent. Here are some perks that top candidates are looking for.

Perks Relieving Stress

Because work-life balance is important, candidates expect employers to help relieve the pressure of fitting in work around personal responsibilities. Top candidates expect flexible schedules and remote work options. Flexibility reduces employee stress and costs for commutes and increases productivity and work satisfaction. Other popular perks for work-life balance include onsite services such as childcare centers, haircuts or car washes.

Perks Involving Experiences

Experiences add meaning to their lives, give candidates purpose and enable them to make a difference in the world. Shared experiences connect coworkers, help them feel supported by their employer and encourage them to remain loyal to the company. Examples include having off every other Friday to spend time with family, enjoying in-office concerts or receiving $2,000 to work wherever they’d like for a week.

Perks Prioritizing Learning

Because they are highly resourceful, autonomous and productive problem solvers, candidates desire ongoing opportunities to expand their skills, knowledge, and experience. Top perks include assistance with student loan repayment, mentorship programs or PTO for volunteerism.

Perks Aligning with Company Values

Because they typically work for employers whose values overlap with their own, candidates want perks that correspond accordingly. Examples may include an expenses-paid dance, improv, chocolate-making or other creativity courses or a $2,000 annual travel credit.

Perks Promoting Healthy Living

Popular perks include wellness programs that focus on physical, mental and social health, such as programs that assist with quitting smoking or decreasing blood pressure. An onsite yoga studio or gym with fitness classes, or reimbursement for off-site yoga or gym fees, also is in demand.

Offer Appropriate Perks

Ask your best employees which perks interest them. Send out surveys and discuss employee needs during team lunches. Encourage staff to share ideas, concerns, and questions with you. Once you establish and implement the most desirable perks, make them known to your employees and the public. Highlight your perks on your website and social media accounts. Promote your perks throughout your recruiting process. Ensure all candidates are aware of your offerings. Follow through when you hire employees.

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