The Pros and Cons of In-House and Outsourced Staffing Services


The Pros and Cons of In-House and Outsourced Staffing Services

Getting the best people onboard demands the best staffing and recruiting partner. Should companies rely on in-house teams or outsourced staffing and recruiting operational support?

Both recruiting approaches come with their own pros and cons. Given here are some insights into both types of recruitment. Make a well-informed decision based on your needs.

In-house Staffing

In-house staffing relies on in-house teams to meet an organization’s recruiting needs. Your resources for the hiring project are your own employees.

Departments across the organization contact the in-house recruiting team with their hiring needs. The in-house team works with respective department managers to shortlist, interview and select candidates right for the position.


  • An in-house staff is available to you exclusively. You can set hiring schedules, get immediate updates, and communicate on-demand with hiring teams. It is easier to make well-informed decisions faster.
  • It is easier to negotiate salaries and other critical issues directly as talents are available onsite for communication.
  • Hiring for cultural fit is easier as the recruiting team is itself internal. The team has excellent clarity about choosing candidates that suit the culture.


  • Access to required talents can be difficult.
  • The process of sourcing, interviewing, and hiring talents is time- and resource-consuming.
  • Maintaining the in-house team is expensive.

Outsourced Staffing Services

In an outsourced staffing model, an organization hires an independent external agency to fulfill its recruitment needs. The external recruiting team works with the organization to understand its hiring needs. The agency uses its network, expertise, technology, and resources, to make a hire.


  • Outsourced staffing services can be beneficial when talent needs are highly specific. For example, this recruitment method can be a great staffing back office support alternative.

Outsourcing firms come with domain expertise and market experience, which translate into

best hires for a company.

  • Recruitment costs are predictable and within the budget. The outsourcing company employs its resources, technology, and expertise, to hire talent.
  • Recruitment is easier for specific needs. For example, business needs such as aggressive start-up staffing, urgent role-filling, and scaling hiring as the business expands, can benefit from outsourced staffing.


  • The unavailability of talents at the location can sometimes become detrimental to decision-making.
  • Communication gaps arising from the spread of stakeholders at different locations can be a hindrance.
  • Delays due to location and communication logistics can become an issue.

Staffing Franchise Alternative: The Best of In-House and Outsourced Solutions Model

In-house and outsourced models come with their benefits and drawbacks. How about a model that combines the best benefits of both models?

Staffing and recruiting franchisor is a fast-developing model with utmost benefits for businesses.

In this model, the recruiting firm works in partnership with local recruiters. This model gives businesses access to niche expertise at their own location. Organizations get to hire top talents without the stress of the process but with the benefit of a local team working with them.

Choosing the right recruitment franchisor is key to success in this model.

Whether you are looking for staffing back-office solutions or start-up staffing and recruiting experts, USA Staffing Services can help. We have the niche expertise to fulfil any hiring requirement for businesses from any background.

As a leading recruiting firm, we have a proprietary staffing and recruiting licensing program for our franchisees. Our clients work with our authorized local partners. Our franchise model delivers the experience of a nationwide corporate recruiting firm with the benefits of local ground presence.