Your Team Needs Help Selling This (and It’s Not Price)

For your sales team to help your company grow, your team needs to focus on selling value. Because the price of your products or services compared to your competition may be negligible, the best way to win over customers is through focusing on the benefits they receive from working with your business. Here are some ways your team can sell value to your customers.

Show the Benefits Your Company Provides

Because it’s easy to show how your price compares to your competition, you need to show examples of the value you provide. Throughout the entire sales process, including your ongoing relationship with each customer, continually point out what results they receive for their investment. For example, customers may save time, receive their products or services faster or have their issues resolved in a more expedient manner by purchasing from your company. When you consider what’s important to your customers and focus on the benefits they receive from working with you, they won’t mind paying a cost commensurate with what they gain.

Provide Value in Each Customer Contact

If a customer asks for help getting a piece of equipment to work, and your labor cost of $200 is much less than the $3,000 in time and money the customer may have spent fixing the problem on their own, document that value to show your customer how much they saved by choosing your company. Educate each customer on additional products or services that complement the ones they already have so your customers receive even more benefits from your company. In addition, continually ask customers whether they have any additional needs you can fill so your company can better serve them. Continually developing successful customer interactions will result in greater word-of-mouth referrals, positive online reviews and stronger customer retention rates.

Show Why Customers Choose Your Company 

If you sell running shoes, have employees watch customers try on the shoes and walk in the store or run in the parking lot to ensure the shoes are comfortable. Let your customers return the shoes weeks or months later if they don’t work out so customers continue purchasing from you. Also, find an area your competitors aren’t serving customers in and fill in that gap with your own products or services. You’ll increase customer value by providing greater benefits. In addition, create a cause marketing plan where your company partners with a local nonprofit organization to raise awareness of its services and show you give back to others. You’ll be viewed as a business that supports the local community and provides additional value to its customers.

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