Take a Step Back to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Leadership

Building your business from the ground up is a challenging task. Make things easier on yourself by stepping back and guiding others as they share your workload and help your company grow.


Delegation lets employees learn new skills, gain knowledge, and feel more connected to your business. Workers then become more motivated and productive, increasing your bottom line. The person who’s eager to learn and shows potential to assume bigger responsibilities is the best one for the job. Talk with your employees regularly to get a feel for what interests and challenges them so you can make an informed decision. Clearly and logically tell that worker the goal of the project and key steps involved. Ensure they understand and can implement the steps, and answer their questions. Establish deadlines for each task, and have your worker check in regularly to ensure accurate and timely progress is being made. You’ll still retain control even though someone else is handling the project. Provide feedback throughout, and upon completion, take time to discuss what the worker would repeat, modify, or change next time. This will help determine what was learned, who learned it, and whether you can assign greater responsibility and authority to the project manager.

Give Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a necessary part of achieving success. It’s important you find a balance between positive reinforcement and constructive feedback. Your worker will know how valuable they are in creating success for your company. Show them you genuinely care about their growth as a leader. Clearly paint your vision of what you want done and why, so they understand their role in achieving your goals. Make your ideas relevant by providing real-life examples and lessons from personal experience. Be honest and considerate in delivering your performance assessment. Establish your credibility by understanding what they do and how they do it, so your employee listens to you and meaningfully responds to your feedback.

Act as a Leader

Being a leader is much more effective and requires much more responsibility than being a boss. You need to be more concerned with the process behind outcomes and the workers who oversee them. Lead your team forward, move together, and show you have their backs. Listen to and accept feedback from employees to improve operations and output. Motivate your workers to action through support and teaching. Take part in the work, watch your team’s progress, and make adjustments when needed. Treat team members equally and show they are all important in reaching your company’s goals.

Work with a Leader in Back Office Support Services

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