Take Control of Your Company’s First Impression to the Job Candidate

In today’s competitive business world, hiring top workers starts by making an excellent first impression on interviewees. Learn how to attract top talent by following these simple guidelines.

Explain Hiring Process

Have a hiring plan and explain each step the candidate may go through. If a prospect stands out enough to warrant a phone screening and in-person interview, make sure you let them know right away. Otherwise, they’ll be offered a job elsewhere and you’ll potentially lose the best candidate for your position.

Prepare for Interview

Since serious job candidates spend time preparing for interviews, you should as well. Schedule the interview when it’s convenient for both of you. Respect your prospect’s time by being punctual. Know what you’re looking for in a candidate and have questions prepared. Read each potential employee’s resume beforehand, so you can speak intelligently about their skills and experience. If you waste the prospect’s or your time by not being prepared, they’ll actively seek out a more time-efficient company.

Be Present

Focus your complete attention on the prospect. Ask questions to understand and expand on their answers. Form a relationship with the candidate so they feel like a welcome, active member of your team from the start. Otherwise they won’t want to work for your company.

Allow Questions

The candidate is interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. Not allowing time for questions shows what matters to them isn’t important to you. Ensure there’s enough time to address their concerns, or they’ll look elsewhere for a job.

Hire for Potential

Dedicated workers want to grow, not remain performing the same job skills and having the same experiences in their new position as at their old. They’ll become bored and want to leave. Ask what excites each prospect, and see what potential they have for the open position so you don’t miss out on an amazing candidate. You’ll want them to grow into their new role and be adaptable to change, which is necessary for the company to expand.

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