Staffing Resource Toolbox: The Recruiting Cycle

Recruiting approach is to find the appropriate number of candidates that are skilled to do the work for your customers. Your approach should be a 360˚approach to recruitment which enables the hiring process to run smoothly, more efficiently, and results in the best candidates to fill all your customer staffing needs.

How the Recruitment Process Works

  • Strategy - Recruitment process begins with understanding on a daily basis your customer needs, and the immediate job openings. Develop a recruitment strategy with those specific needs at the center of your focus.
  • Sourcing  - This is where we put our strategy into action.
  • Define the Job - Sourcing the best candidates starts with you and your team understanding what the job entails. Develop job descriptions for all positions. In addition, ask your hiring managers what the person needs to do in the job to be successful or if there are any special/unique qualifications or skills they are looking for.

Write Compelling Advertising, Job Announcements and/or Job Postings

  • Be sure to tailor your advertising to the scope and level of positions you are recruiting for.
  • Be sure to utilize online tools both free and fee based
  • For some positions utilizing flyers/posters that are distributed throughout the communities in and around customers location can be very effective. Post announcements in local shopping/eating areas; churches; non-profit organizations, etc.
  • Post jobs internally and let other employees and recruiters know you are looking for candidates (Word of Mouth advertisement that is a low cost per hire way of recruiting)
  • Walk-in applicants can be great if you have a brick and mortar recruiting office.

Work Efficiently with Databases

  • Search your applicant tracking databases to review active employee/candidate information that may be a good fit.
  • If able, post messages in your applicant tracking database describing the opportunity with a copy of the job description for other recruiters in your office or network
  • Utilize paid online candidate databases Indeed and CareerBuilder.

Recruiting from External Sources

  • Establish strong working relationships with local community-based organizations, especially those organizations that focus on career development.
  • Participate in local job/career fairs
  • Referrals – let past candidates or employees know the position you are looking for.
  • Posting open positions in employment offices, unemployment offices, etc. to reach a wider audience and can turn up a larger number of potential candidates
  • College recruiting- participate in local college job fairs
  • Skills Assessment - Candidate information should then be screened against the key accountabilities (identified during the strategy phase). Speak with selected candidates. The skills assessment phase not only includes interviewing, but can also include job-related skills testing and workplace behavioral profiles.
  • Selection/Onboarding - The top, qualified candidates are selected and submitted for your client to review and/or interview. Once the right candidates are chosen and a job offer made, the new hire paperwork is completed, and employee goes thru onboarding.

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