Should Your Staffing Company Focus on an Industry, Region or Both?

Starting a staffing company means making lots of decisions all at once. Without a good plan, then your business will be wandering without direction and limiting its chances for success. When you start your staffing agency, do you want to build a local presence in a number of industries or should you focus on really growing in a local industry on a regional (or possibly national) level. By narrowing your focus down to finding a region to serve first and determining which industry second, you’ll be better prepared to establish and expand your operations.

Regional Focus First

Research the demand for a staffing agency in the biggest metropolitan area where you live. Your office must be in a heavily traveled area to grab attention from job seekers and employers. Since you’ll also be recruiting through newspaper ads, job fairs, networking, social media and joining the American Staffing Association or other professional organizations, you’ll want to be located in a highly-recognized area that makes potential employee relocation appealing. Metropolitan areas will have large companies continually expanding and needing to fill open positions, making them your potential clients. With a large pool to draw from, your company will be capable of filling high volumes of workers in a reasonable amount of time. Businesses will want to contract with you, which will increase your bottom line.

Industry Leader Second

Once you’ve established your staffing services, find a staffing problem you’re passionate about that’s valuable to a large market and solve it. The best industry to start in is the one you worked in longest and enjoyed the most. Having specialized knowledge and skills in accounting, finance, light industrial, healthcare, IT or other fields gives you firsthand knowledge of the greatest challenges companies in those fields face. Clients and employees will see you as an expert and feel comfortable working with you. You can specialize in those recruitment areas and know which clients to call on first. You’ll be better prepared to know each prospective client’s business history and culture so you can add value to their organization through your staffing services. When you are transition from working in an industry to helping with staffing and recruiting in that same industry, you already will have a significant number of contacts who are comfortable working with you. They will know your track record and work ethic. Having those pre-established relationships makes the challenge of starting your business a little bit easier. By concentrating on a niche, you can better focus your capital and marketing efforts, giving you better leverage when branding your firm.

By focusing first on a region and second on an industry, you are better able to expand your staffing firm and increase your bottom line. Contact USA Staffing Services today to work with a leader in back office solutions.