Use Your Social Media to Turn Passive Candidates Into Active Candidates

Passive candidates are a top source of talent for your company. Because they enjoy what they do, consistently look for ways to improve performance and continue to provide additional value for their employer, passive candidates are among the top group for finding quality employees. However, since they are not actively looking for a new job, you need to reach out to them about open roles. Find out how you can locate passive candidates through social media and potentially turn them into active candidates.

Use the Right Platforms

Use Twitter to share information about your products, services and brand, build relationships with potential candidates, and advertise open positions. Choose LinkedIn to encourage professional networking, review online resumes, and cultivate relationships with potential candidates. Opt for Facebook to share links and videos about your brand, connect with potential candidates, and post job openings. To target niche communities, promote company information on job boards and through professional discussions on MyVetwork to reach military veterans or Mijente and Black Planet to reach Latino and African American communities.

Promote Relevant Information

Depending on which social media platforms you use, choose the most relevant information to share. For instance, if you use Twitter, tweet your available roles, such as “looking for a digital marketing coordinator in Milwaukee. Apply at (shortened URL using” Use hashtags such as #hiring or #career to make your posts stand out. Keep potential candidates engaged with your company through marketing events you are attending, posting company updates, and sharing company culture and industry news. If you use LinkedIn, regularly post company updates and job openings. Search for candidates using keywords to find people with the necessary qualifications on their profile. Or, search by past or current employers who hire people with the skills and experience you need. Send an InMail or request an introduction from a shared connection. Participate in industry or skill set groups to begin discussions, advertise your roles and contact individuals. If you opt for Facebook, encourage people to like your page so they can learn about your business and be notified of job openings.

Measure Results

Implement metrics to determine how well your social media campaigns are attracting passive candidates. For instance, you may measure increases in traffic to your career site, follower count on Twitter, traffic to job postings or engagement of Facebook fans. You also can measure your top sources of hire, time to fill or cost per hire. Adjust your social media campaigns accordingly.

Need More Time to Find Passive Candidates?

It takes time to recruit the best passive candidates for your job openings. How can USA Staffing Services help? Our team provides all back office support services and is ready to handle those services for your team. Contact us today!