Small Piece of a Big Pie or a Big Piece of a Small Pie – What’s Better as a Recruiter?

As a recruiter, you are better off focusing on one industry than branching out into multiple areas.

You build greater credibility by specializing in one field and excelling in that area. Being seen as a leader in your area results in repeat business and increased revenue.

Be an Expert in One Industry

Focus your resources on one field so you learn all you can about quality candidates in that sector. Remain current on major trends in that market, present yourself as an expert to hiring managers and stay ahead of your competitors.

Get to Know Your Candidates

By focusing on one industry, you get to know top candidates better. Connect with candidates online, offer interviews for workers looking for positions in your field, or invite candidates out to lunch. Post on niche job sites descriptions that show candidates the benefits they will receive from working with your client, such as an attractive company culture or desirable perks. Get to know highly qualified passive candidates who may be willing to change positions if presented with the right opportunity. You may even meet candidates with difficult-to-find niche skills and place them with highly appreciative clients.

Generate New Business

Focusing on one industry helps you create new business on an ongoing basis. Proactively contact companies to fill their recruiting needs. Follow their social media accounts and visit their websites to stay updated with their needs. Show hiring managers what types of candidates are available, what their career expectations are, and why they are best qualified for a role. Go beyond the client’s expectations to ensure they think of you next time they need a recruiter. For example, if a company is preparing for a corporate event in your area, call the company with suggestions for venues. The person you talk with is more likely to keep you in mind when the company needs to fill a vacancy.

Focus on Repeat Business

Along with bringing in new clients, focus on developing repeat business. Get to know each of your clients on a personal level. Cultivate relationships with hiring managers to truly understand and fill their needs. Ask each client to work with you on an exclusive basis. You will face less competition in finding the most suitable candidates and experience less risk in approaching candidates other recruiters already talked with about the same role.

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