Show Prospective Clients the Cost of a Bad Hire

As a recruiter, it’s important you point out to potential clients the costs involved with hiring the wrong candidate. You’ll be better able to position yourself as the answer to their hiring needs. Here are four costs prospective clients may have due to a bad hire.

Additional Time Used for Performance Management

Instead of coaching and developing team members and increasing company revenue, the manager deals with complaints, provides corrective feedback, disciplines and micromanages. Even if one issue, such as showing up late, is fixed, another issue, such as calling in sick, may take its place. This reduces the company’s productivity level and revenue.

Adverse Impact on Co-Workers

When an employee underperforms or consistently displays a bad attitude, teammates are forced to pick up the slack, cover up errors and work harder at staying positive. As a result, employee morale drops, workers disengage and great employees leave the company. Because nobody wants to come to work every day in a negative environment, finding quality workers becomes a challenge.

Detrimental Effect on Customers

Bad hires often try cutting corners or ignoring their responsibilities. If a bad hire works in customer service and has a negative interaction with a customer, the customer may tell 10 or more people about what happened. If those people talk to others about what happened, the company’s reputation will decline. Current and potential customers may view the business as unstable or lacking in customer satisfaction. Because it costs more money to find a new customer than to retain a current customer, there may be a noticeable drop in revenue.

High Costs of Turnover

Because much time and money are used for recruiting and training employees, those costs increase every time a new employee is brought aboard to replace those who resign. Also, when a manager has to consistently train new team members rather than fulfill other responsibilities, the manager often ends up coming to work early, staying late, working weekends and getting burned out.

Work With a Leader in Back Office Outsourcing

Because of these four costs a bad hire can have on prospective clients, they’re better off turning to a professional recruiter like you for their hiring needs. That’s where you come into play.

Where we come into play is by helping your business grow by efficiently managing your back office. For assistance with all your back-office needs, get in touch with USA Staffing Services today!