Do You Know Your Business Goals for 2016?

As an entrepreneur, you need to set goals and steer your business in the direction of growth. Learning to create a road map for success is a simplified process when broken down into these four steps.


Categorize your short-term and long term-goals. Use your company’s mission statement as a guideline for narrowing down your focus areas. Concentrate on four specific areas – service, such as improving client satisfaction or retention; social giving, such as philanthropy; profit, such as increasing revenue by a certain percentage; and growth, such as expanding your company to a specific degree. Determine how long-term goals will be reached through short-term goals. For example, if you want to increase annual sales by 24 percent, plan to increase monthly sales by 2 percent to make your goal reachable. Break down into steps specific actions to be taken by certain employees. Assign a staff member in each department to be held accountable for getting things done on time and motivating workers. Ensure everyone sees how individual small steps performed daily lead to bigger changes monthly and annually.


Creating a spreadsheet of your company’s progress helps measure productivity toward your goals. Update your results weekly to see your movement forward and what areas need improvement. Do the same for each month and the whole year. Tracking your progress lets you make adjustments as needed to reach your goals. Over time you can look back and see what worked and didn’t work. This will help with future decision-making. For example, if you want to move into a new target market, you can look back to the last time you attempted expansion and what your results were to see what was successful and what needed changing.


Creating a control system for tasks to be addressed on a set schedule will help you reach your goals. Utilizing set policies and procedures to measure and provide feedback on daily production allows you to maintain control over every aspect of your business and ensure weekly and monthly goals are met. Be sure the system is simple to provide quick information, make reasonable decisions moving forward and save time and money. These controls place accountability within the business, monitor trends in the workforce and measure progress toward your goals.


At times you’ll have to adjust your tactics for implementing your goal-achieving plan. You might change the order specific tools and personnel complete tasks. You may need different departments involved to reach your company’s goals. You’ll have to determine how often you should evaluate whether the required work is being completed on a daily and weekly basis, and if not, how to ensure specific activities are completed in set time frames with expected outcomes. If they aren’t, figure out what needs changing and fix it so your company can move forward.

If you haven’t already planning, start setting your 2016 business goals today. At USA Staffing Services, we can for help with all your back office business needs today!