Daily Decisions Costing Recruiters Money: Running Your Own Back Office

As a recruiter, your focus needs to be on selling your services and finding candidates to fill open roles. However, you still need to handle HR, payroll and other back-office tasks to keep your business running. Spending too much time on non-revenue producing tasks takes away face time with clients and candidates and jeopardizes the future of your recruiting firm. For this reason, you are better off outsourcing your back office to a leading provider like USA Staffing Services. Here are four back-office tasks we can save you money on.

Background Checks

One factor affecting the price of a background check is the amount of information requested. For instance, a check requiring criminal history, credit history, and Motor Vehicle Registration records costs more than a simple criminal history report. Another factor is the time and effort required to check information unavailable in public records, such as education degrees or reference checks. Further, background check costs vary by the state, county and data provider you are requesting information from. We can cut your costs in all of these areas.

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Pre-Employment Drug Screens

Although drug screens may not be required by law, prospective employees who pass drug screens tend to stay with employers longer than employees who fail them. Increased retention rates result in lower spending for recruiting, hiring and training. Because drug-free employees are more productive, they work at expected capacity and increase revenue for the organization. They also have fewer absences, decreasing costs for paid sick days and leaves of absence. Plus, drug-free employees have fewer accidents and injuries, lowering workers’ compensation claims and costs. We can save you money on drug screens.

I-9 and E-Verify Compliance

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (ICRA) of 1986 requires U.S. employers to complete a Form I-9 for each new employee. Civil and criminal fines and penalties may be assessed against both the employer and people responsible for IRCA compliance if they employ undocumented workers. E-Verify is an online system that electronically verifies the employment eligibility of new employees. The process may consume significant amounts of time. We can take save you money by fulfilling I-9 and E-Verify compliance for you.


Many factors affect the cost of onboarding a new employee. For instance, paperwork such as benefits enrollment, tax forms, and nondisclosure agreements take time to fill out. Managing completion of the paperwork and other administrative tasks eats up a substantially greater amount of time. Also, if an employee quits six months into the onboarding process, you lose all the time and money invested in training and need to start the recruiting process again. Further, the longer an employee takes to learn their role and acclimate to their work environment, the less productive they are. We can help cut costs in these areas.

Outsource Your Back Office

Outsource your back office to USA Staffing Services. We handle your non-revenue producing tasks so you have more time to focus on bringing in more clients and candidates. Reach out to us today!