Recruitment Trends to Prepare for in 2019: Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is becoming more commonly used in recruiting. Such tools streamline the recruiting process, reduce bias, and improve the candidate experience.

What Is Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing is the ability of a computer program to understand language as it is spoken or written. For instance, although Google Translate can convert one language to another and web-based chatbots can reply to basic questions, because such systems rely on literal translations and interpretations, they do not account for the subtleties and complications of language. Conversely, NLP solutions learn to think and speak like humans. Rather than talking like a student learning Spanish, French or German, NLP talks like a native Spaniard, Parisian or German.

How Natural Language Processing Streamlines Recruiting

NLP automates resume screening and processing to reduce time to hire and manual testing. Chatbots provide a better candidate experience by providing immediate solutions, feedback and comments for job seekers. Plus, NLP-enhanced automated interviews screen for the candidate’s fit with company culture by analyzing their words, speech patterns, and facial expressions to detect minor details that humans may overlook. Additionally, NLP lets recruiters become more strategic by proactively planning their hiring needs to facilitate interviews and hire in less time.

How Natural Language Processing Reduces Bias

Many HR practices are run by outdated procedures that typically select candidates who meet the requirements, but are not deemed to be the perfect fit because of unforeseen and unavoidable biases. Also, qualified candidates may not be hired because they do not fit all of the requirements. By implementing NLP, chatbots collect candidate data, provide answers, feedback or suggestions in real time, and use machine learning to train themselves to become more accurate and responsive when interacting with candidates.

How Natural Language Processing Benefits Human Resources Staff

NLP can recognize human emotions and understand the difference between happy and content. When used for open-ended employee surveys, managers can discern what employees are saying and how they feel; then use objective insights to improve the employee experience and business performance. Also, NLP can be used for employee self-service and real-time reporting. Employees can request PTO, HR managers can ask how much overtime they paid employees in a specific state during a specific month, or HR can determine how one manager’s team engagement compares with another manager’s and receive accurate reports. Additionally, NLP can help with employee appraisals. The technology can compare SMART goals with output in competencies, analyze additional comments, and rank each employee. NLP can assist with employee career development. The technology can use appraisal results to organize trainings or provide other opportunities for developing specific skills.

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