How Can Recruiters Stand Out at Providing Remote Workers to Their Clients?

With the number of remote jobs increasing, your clients may be asking for additional help placing remote workers. Because of the differences between hiring an employee to work onsite and hiring one to work remotely, you need to demonstrate how you adapt your recruiting process to accommodate the differences. Since remote workers aren’t monitored in person, you must know that they’re self-disciplined, will keep in touch with their team, and will complete their work on time. This requires finding ways to showcase examples of how their past work makes them well-qualified to fill your client’s opening.

Implement these tips to stand out at placing remote workers for your clients.

Record Video Interviews

Gain a sense of each candidate’s hard and soft skills through recorded video interviews. By studying what a candidate says and how they say it, you gain a sense of their enthusiasm for a remote position. Note the person’s nonverbal cues while answering and asking questions. Find out how well they communicate and interact with others. Use the information you uncover to find the most outstanding candidates to present to your client.

Showcase Your Candidate’s Portfolio

Find out what work your candidate has performed throughout their career. Ask for details on the type of work and kinds of projects they collaborated on. Request examples of accomplishments and awards. Monitor the person’s online presence. Find out how they communicate and show their work to the world. Look for signs that your candidate fits with your client’s company culture. Ask how they would handle a specific situation that could come up in the role. Check the person’s professional references. Find out how they solved problems similar to those of your client. Use the information to introduce your candidate to your client. Use the information gathered to point out specific ways they’re best qualified to fill the position.

Involve Your Client’s Team in the Interview Process

After deciding which candidates should meet with your client, set up a time for your client’s team to video interview each candidate. Since the team will be working with whomever your client chooses to bring aboard, it’s important they all have a say in who the potential new hire is. Everyone on the team must be able to communicate and collaborate to finish projects and reach company goals. This is especially important because the new hire will be working remotely. Provide time for each team member to address each candidate during the video interview. They need time to get acquainted before deciding whether to work together.

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