How to Connect with Candidates? Show Them You Care

Candidates who have a positive experience with your recruiting firm are more likely to do business with you again and recommend your services to others. As a result, you want to keep each candidate engaged in the recruiting process and excited about the opportunities you have to offer. When candidates see you put in the effort to get to know them and fill their needs, they feel more confident about moving forward. Here are five ways to connect with candidates by showing you care about their success.

Research Each Candidate

Gather all the information you can about a candidate. Take notes on what you read about or hear from them. Check LinkedIn and other social media to determine a candidate’s most notable skills and accomplishments. Mention one of these characteristics when first reaching out. Before talking with the candidate, reread their resume and your notes. Jot down key items you want to cover their experience and abilities. Ask questions about how certain projects turned out, which challenges the candidate faced, and how they overcame them.

Help Each Candidate Feel Company Culture

Provide a candidate with enough information to experience company culture. Share pictures and videos of employees at work. Mention company mission, vision, and values and how employees demonstrate them every day. Ask the hiring manager to provide the candidate with a tour of the office and an introduction to potential teammates. Help the candidate authentically experience the culture so they feel encouraged to work for the company.

Maintain Open Communication

Encourage strong communication throughout the recruitment process. Boost a candidate’s engagement and build trust by staying in touch. If they don’t make it past the screening process, send a personalized email with an invitation to stay in touch. There may be openings down the road that the candidate has more qualifications. For a candidate who moves to the next stage, send regular status updates. Use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to stay organized and in touch.

Provide Notice About Interview Attendees

Let the candidate know how many people to expect during an interview. Being prepared for an individual or panel of interviewers and what the day will look like helps the candidate appropriately get ready. Email an agenda a few days ahead of time. Include the name of each interviewer, breakdown of each panel, and focus areas to be covered.

Be Transparent

Point out the downsides of the job, so the candidate has realistic expectations. Since every job has highs and lows, knowing what to expect shows you have the candidate’s best interest in mind. Whether it’s dealing with difficult clients or handling tight deadlines, they need to be ready for any challenges that may come up.

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