Which Processes Do You Need to Improve as a Recruiter for a More Remote-Friendly Hiring Process?

The number of remote jobs is on the rise. Increased engagement and productivity with decreased costs are among the reasons why. As a recruiter, you may have clients requesting placements for more remote roles than usual. If this is the case, you need to modify your hiring process to accommodate the differences in bringing remote employees aboard rather than in-office staff.

Focus on these areas to make your hiring process more remote-friendly.

Job Descriptions

Clarify information about your remote job opening. Specify the job title, responsibilities, and expectations. Include an accurate description of your remote policy, such as remote first, remote-friendly, or mixed remote, to attract the right type of worker. Explain why the position or certain teams are remote. Mention logistics requirements, such as remote workers needing to live or work within a specific time zone or be able to travel to headquarters on a set basis. Clarify what to expect for communication and collaboration.

Remote Work Skills

Look for specific soft skills needed to excel at remote work. Since most communication is done through email and online messaging, strong writing skills are essential. Developed interpersonal skills are required to understand which types of communication are better through video, phone, email, or online chat. Being able to set priorities, tasks, and deadlines that structure each workday requires proactivity. Emotional intelligence is needed to work through communication issues. Accepting and implementing constructive feedback to improve performance requires a growth mentality.

Video Interviews 

Get to know your candidates through video interviewing. Provide all relevant information in your interview invitation. Set up your interview area in a quiet space. Double-check your hardware and software in advance. Be present when your candidate joins the virtual room. Begin with small talk to ease into the conversation. Have your interview questions ready to refer to. Clarify next steps and how the candidate can get in touch with you.

Interview Questions

Customize open-ended interview questions to test for specific qualities needed for remote work. Focus on core competencies, such as time management, discipline, communication, and consistency. To test a candidate’s autonomous work habits, ask a question such as “What did you do when a manager was absent and you had to make a decision?” To learn about a candidate’s personal drive, ask “What are three things you’ve done in the past 12 months to improve yourself?” To uncover their resourcefulness, ask “What do you do when you have a problem but no answer?”

Outsource Your Back Office

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