Win the Battle for Talent – Part 1: You Need to Share What Your Business Stands for to Recruit Top Talent

When it comes to winning the battle for talent, employees want to know what your business stands for. When your priorities match those of job candidates, you have a stronger pool from which to hire an employee who plans to remain loyal to your company for a long time. Here are three examples of what to share and how to share it to recruit top talent.

Company Mission Statement

Your mission guides your business, sets you apart from the competition and sets the standard for projects and goals. It conveys your targeted customers, positions you in the market and quantifies your objectives. Your mission statement connects your employees to your company’s purpose and helps them understand how their roles impact your success. You can more easily set company goals and develop a strategy for achieving them, ensuring stability for years to come. You know where everyone should focus their time and attention when working through problems and making decisions.

Company Values

Core values are timeless, enduring and intrinsically important. They support your company’s vision, affect its culture and reflect its identity. Because younger employees are more passionate about current issues, they want to work for an employer who takes a stand on immigration, equal rights, climate change and other issues that affect their country and their rights. Younger employees also tend to believe that companies influence proposed legislation, regulation and executive orders that may affect a business or its employees. You can use these beliefs to your advantage when recruiting new hires.

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Company Culture

Company culture includes your mission statement, core values, and how to work and live by those values. Culture also includes company traditions, expectations and shared beliefs. Your company culture should be communicated to new hires before, during and after the recruiting process to ensure they blend well with co-workers and thrive in their new environment. When employees are able to bond over shared culture, they produce a sense of belonging and loyalty to your company. Employees understand what’s expected of them and can customize their work to achieve desired results.

Company Insight

In the “About Us” section of your company website, provide your mission, values and employee testimonials. Encourage your employees to provide company reviews on Glassdoor and other websites. Ask your employees to share company content on social media. Request employee referrals when jobs open up. Allow for job shadowing during the recruiting process.

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