Staffing Resource Toolbox: The Perks Job Candidates Really Want to Switch Jobs

Desirable perks help to attract and retain the best talent. Offering the right ones helps your company stand out and be an employer of choice. In addition to offering competitive compensation and benefits, consider adding some of these perks to encourage job candidates to work for you.

Many candidates want the ability to work from anywhere. Whether they choose to work from home, a coffee shop, or somewhere inside the office, candidates want the option to be productive where they are most comfortable.

Since health and wellness are valuable resources, job candidates are attracted to workplace wellness programs. Paid gym membership programs, on-site yoga classes, and health screenings are among the most desirable programs. These programs impact productivity and creativity, as well.

 Free meals, snacks, and beverages are attractive to job seekers. They can wander over to grab some nourishment and have a quick chat with co-workers before going back to work. Employees save time and money by not having to go to the grocery store as often, prepare meals, or bring food or beverages to work.

With many millennial job candidates overwhelmed by school debt, repayment of student loans is highly attractive. You might offer a signing bonus for entry-level hires to help pay off their debt. Let them keep their bonus if they work for you for at least three years.

Several job candidates prefer a Health Savings Account (HSA) along with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). HSA dollars can be used to cover the deductible part of the HDHP. HSA dollars can roll over year to year. Add money to the account to increase its attraction.

Job candidates appreciate the ability to set their schedule. They can work when they’re most productive while attaining desired results. Candidates appreciate being able to fit in work responsibilities around their personal lives.

Offering a variety of perks in line with company culture makes your company more attractive to job candidates. Providing perks like these make you an employer of choice, helping you hire and retain top talent. Find out the perks your employees want most and start offering them.