5 People You Don’t Want to Hire for Your Business

Because bad hires cost your company more money than working short-staffed does, it’s important that you effectively evaluate a candidate before bringing them aboard. Bad hires need extra time and attention from management, bring down employee morale and most likely will end up terminated. You’ll have to start the hiring process all over again. To save time and money in the long run, here are five types of workers you want to avoid hiring for your organization.


Cowards don’t take responsibility for their actions. They typically pass the blame to others when things go wrong. Cowards don’t desire to improve their efforts or their results on individual tasks and group projects. They won’t contribute to your bottom line and will most likely end up wasting your time.

Mr. Negativity

During an interview, negative people tend to bring out all of the downfalls of their previous jobs and employers, pointing out why things didn’t work out and complaining about various issues. With this type of attitude, the candidate likely won’t be productive or stay with your organization very long. Also, no one wants to work with negative people because they bring down employee morale.

I’m Sorry

Don’t hire people who apologize way too often. They’re afraid of getting yelled at by their manager, colleagues or clients. Apologizing incessantly causes people to lose respect for the worker, as they appear weak or insecure. When an employee repeatedly says they’re sorry, eventually they appear insincere. Co-workers may wonder if the apologizer is trying to get them to apologize for things as well, which often results in confusion and frustration. Wait for a better hire.

I’ll Do Anything

Avoid taking on workers who don’t stand up for themselves and will do whatever their manager or co-workers ask. Someone who’s desperate to fit in will most likely be taken advantage of by having additional work piled on and end up working late many nights. Because desperate workers don’t respect themselves enough and undersell their value, you don’t want them in your business.


Don’t bring aboard workers who never have their own ideas and won’t try anything new. In order to succeed, people and businesses need to constantly evolve and innovate, finding more effective ways to save time and money when completing tasks. Workers who are afraid of leaving their comfort zone will stop your company’s progress rather than increase your bottom line.

Learn which candidates you should avoid hiring so your company continues growing and reaching new levels of success. For additional help with growing your bottom line, contact a leader in back office solutions today, and reach out to USA Staffing Services today!