In Uncertain Times, Over-Communication Cannot Be Underestimated

As the effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continue to increase, so does the impact on your company. While your employees continue to deal with the uncertainty of what comes next, they need reassurance that their physical and psychological well-being will be protected while they’re working. Since many are concerned about maintaining their work hours, income, and related issues as much as possible, you need to let them know your company’s plan to provide as much security as it can.

Implement these methods to regularly communicate with your employees during COVID-19.

Think About How COVID-19 Impacts Everyone

Consider the emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of your employees and their families, friends, and pets. Look for the most current, comprehensive facts on COVID-19 from and other reliable sources. Use the information to decide how to proceed. Communicate plans with employees at every level.

Minimize Financial Concerns

When possible, allow your employees to work remotely. You want them as safe and comfortable as possible while maintaining their income. Employees need money at their disposal for emergencies. Fewer work hours mean less money for child care, elder care, and other responsibilities. Do what you can to minimize health benefit costs. Reduce work hours as a last resort.

Emphasize Sick Leave Policies

Point out how important it is for employees to minimize their risk of COVID-19 infection. Remind them to stay home if they feel sick. Not exposing others to their illness slows the spread of COVID-19 and helps employees feel cared for.

Minimize Layoffs

Let employees know you’re doing all you can to avoid layoffs. Although you want them to feel psychologically safe and financially secure, you also need to be honest about the possibility of an economic downturn. Assure employees that leadership is reviewing costs and debt levels in preparation for financing a way through a recession. If there are no other options, workforce reductions may result. If so, they’ll be handled equitably and fairly.

Encourage Open Discussions

Let employees know you’re available to talk as a group or individually. Whereas some team members may want to share questions and concerns in teams, others may prefer to privately share their thoughts. Remind everyone there is no right or wrong way to react to the situation. Be sure to stay current on COVID-19 facts to help build your responses to employee issues. If you’re unable to adequately address a concern, explain that you need additional time to work through it. Your honesty will build feelings of trust and attentiveness, putting employees more at ease.

Be Certain Your Back Office Is Being Handled

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