New Business Guide: Should You Outsource the Back Office and Payroll

Outsourcing is one way your small business can stay competitive with larger companies. Here are four ways outsourcing your back-office and payroll needs can benefit you.

Receive Workers When Needed

When you outsource your back-office and payroll tasks, you gain access to top professionals who are available any time you need them. These experts stay updated on all changes in HR and payroll laws and regulations, have access to the latest technology, and can work from anywhere at any time. As a result, you’re able to compete with larger corporations on a bigger scale.

Save Money

When outsourcing your back-office and payroll needs, you save money by not securing additional office space, hiring staff, and paying high salaries and benefits. The outsourcing company provides the necessary office space and takes care of payroll taxes, health insurance, worker’s compensation, and other requirements. Because you pay only for services needed, you’re able to scale back on costs during down times and redirect your money to other parts of your company.

Let Employer of Record Handle Paperwork

One key to expanding your business is delegating. As an employer of record, we fulfill all your paperwork requirements, ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and assume all risks involved with your back-office and payroll tasks. You avoid costly IRS penalties, back taxes, and potential lawsuits related to HR or payroll issues. Our services include supplementing your contingent workforce, assisting with temp-to-hire hiring processes, funding payroll, and more.

Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing your back-office and payroll needs means freeing up time for focusing on revenue-producing activities that grow your business. Although HR, payroll, and other back-office tasks must be completed daily, they’re repetitive, complex, time-consuming, and don’t increase your bottom line. Your time is better invested in other areas of your company that require your attention so you can expand your client base and increase your revenue.

Partner with a Leader in Back Office Support Services

Outsourcing provides multiple benefits that help you stay on top in the business world. Learn more about how we can help your company expand by reaching out to the back office outsourcing experts at USA Staffing Services today!