How Can Your Local Staffing Firm Battle Franchises and National Agencies?

The staffing world is highly competitive, especially for a local agency. Learn how to compete with franchises and national agencies by following these simple principles.

Focus on Customer Service

Since people do business with people, your best clients will be those with whom you build the strongest connections. Your objective is to create mutually beneficial relationships that find more ways to help your clients while increasing your company’s bottom line. You’ll need to create marketing and sales strategies for various decision makers, understand and advocate each client’s expectations. and be able to deliver superior service at all levels of your organization. By providing superb customer service, you’ll generate positive and free word-of-mouth advertising, resulting in new customers, repeat business, and increased profits. Everyone wins.

Take Chances

Your business won’t grow unless you take calculated chances. Taking chances allows you to open yourself up to new challenges and opportunities, potentially resulting in bigger personal and professional rewards. Pushing your boundaries helps you learn new skills, accomplish tasks on a higher level, and become more creative.  You’ll be able to achieve more positive outcomes, define what you truly want, and build your self-confidence and self-respect by being open to growth. You’ll improve your reputation and increase your bottom line while finding new ways to fill clients’ needs.


Outsourcing back office and staffing needs helps you save time and money while expanding your business. Handling all essential work tasks in-house results in higher research, development, marketing, and distribution expenses being passed on to your clients. Weeks or months of hiring and training the right people costs you time that could be spent on core activities. You’ll need large capital investments your small businesses can’t afford. Through outsourcing, you can convert fixed costs into variable costs, avoid big expenditures in your early stages of business, and open up capital to invest elsewhere in your company. Being able to put more money into revenue-producing activities lets you focus your time and money on your core business, while avoiding or minimizing risk – making you more attractive to investors.

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