Is LinkedIn Open Candidate the Key to Recruiting Passive Candidates?

Passive candidates are the most elusive for recruiters. Because passive candidates are engaged in their work and receiving the income, benefits and perks they desire, they often are content staying in their current position and not looking to change roles. However, passive candidates often have the skills and experience that match what recruiters’ client companies seek. Therefore, passive candidates are potentially long-term, top-quality employees any business would benefit from having. Fortunately, recruiters have another method for identifying passive candidates who may be interested in a new position. Find out why LinkedIn Open Candidate may be the key to recruiting passive candidates.

What LinkedIn Open Candidate Is

LinkedIn Open Candidate connects active and passive candidates with recruiters without alerting candidates’ employers or colleagues. Although candidates may not be looking to change jobs at the moment, candidates can discretely share their interest in new opportunities and what types of roles most interest them. LinkedIn members press specific buttons in their “Preferences” tab. Recruiters click their “Open to New Opportunities” tab in Recruiter Search and hover over a candidate’s profile to discover which positions interest them, their experience, available start date and more.

What LinkedIn Open Candidate Means for Recruiters

Because over one million candidates have shown their interest in hearing from recruiters through LinkedIn Open Candidate, recruiters have a wide pool from which to match qualified candidates with client companies. Recruiters also save time by having active and passive candidates identify themselves to show which candidates the recruiter should invest more time in. Recruiters can increase their income by more quickly helping qualified candidates get hired by client companies. Furthermore, recruiters can pair LinkedIn Open Candidate with Recruiter System Connect to keep candidates’ resume information current and convert passive candidates to new hires. Plus, recruiters can differentiate which candidates enjoy their jobs and don’t want to be contacted when they’re active on LinkedIn for other purposes, freeing up time to call candidates who may be interested in new positions.

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