Importance of First-Class Customer Service

Since customers are the reason your business prospers, treating them with top-notch service needs to be one of your biggest priorities. How current and potential clients view your staffing agency greatly determines your company’s success.


In a competitive marketplace, customer service differentiates your company from others. Most clients view staffing agencies as pretty much the same in terms of services. It’s interacting with customer service reps that clients remember. Putting extra effort into customer service encourages clients to return to your staffing agency rather than finding another. Satisfied clients come back for more business and encourage others to use your services. Creating these customer advocates is vital to expanding your company.


When your company provides superior customer service, you gain more repeat business, greater sales and higher profits.  Customer satisfaction strongly shows whether a client will use your staffing services again. Those who do will spread the word to others and help increase your bottom line. You may even be able to record testimonials from satisfied clients to enhance your marketing. Because of advertising costs and expensive sales calls, it costs your company more money to gain a customer than retain one. Utilizing referrals through excellent customer service reduces the amount of time and money spent on advertising so those resources can be utilized in other areas to expand your operations.


Whether positive or negative, customers will spread the word to others about their interactions with your business. Satisfied clients typically tell three or four people about their experience, whereas dissatisfied clients might tell 10, 20 or more! Since people often rely on the experience of others, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Ensure your staffing agency is the one clients refer to with high praise when speaking with others.


Dissatisfied clients might file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs or a class-action attorney. Should this happen, be professional, productive and proactive. Respond to the complaint by apologizing for any inconvenience and resolving the issue as quickly as possible. Sympathize with the client, be sincere and reassure them you will fix the problem. Ask questions to clarify the issue, listen carefully and restate your understanding by paraphrasing what you heard. Cheerfully make adjustments, apologize again and tell the client you appreciate them. Remember to smile throughout the entire exchange. Client satisfaction is the lifeblood of your business.

Providing first-class customer service takes effort and provides so many benefits. For more help with serving your clients, contact USA Staffing Services today!