Getting Caught Up in the Weeds Hurts a New Business

When starting a business, you can’t let distractions influence you. You need to take the steps each day to reach your short- and long-term goals so you’re more likely to attain success. Here are seven steps you can take to avoid getting caught up in the weeds that can hurt a new business.

Focus on the Present

Focus on what needs to be done now to help your business succeed. Pay attention to how your cashflow is moving so that you are able to attain your three- to five-year goals. Paying attention to daily and weekly activities will help you be successful long term.

Modify Your Communication Time

Although everyone will appear to need you throughout the day, avoid letting others take up your time that should be focused on core activities. Your employees may want your opinion on their work, help making a business decision, or your approval on a project. However, if you turn off your phone and computer and limit other forms of communication, your employees will most likely find ways to help themselves. You can always schedule in time to get updates on events and company growth.

Complete One Task at a Time

Focus on finishing one task at a time. Multitasking brings down your productivity. Because your brain has a harder time moving between activities, you aren’t as efficient or effective at completing your work. Instead, schedule your daily tasks, work in 90-minute intervals, and take breaks in between.

Finish Your Most Important Tasks

Although problems will occur, you can’t let them take much time away from your most important tasks. Your server may go down, your team may have communication issues, or a customer may file a complaint. Although you need these issues handled, if you take on all of them yourself, you won’t have time to complete your other work. Instead, ask your employees to handle them and delegate appropriately

Delegate Your Work

You need to complete all the work that only you can and delegate the rest to your team. For example, your team can complete research, enter data or write emails for you. You need to focus your time on core business.

Make Time for Yourself

Ensure you make time for yourself every day. You need to focus on your family, friends, health, hobbies and other interests to avoid letting work consume your life. It won’t matter how successful you become if you lose everything else that matters to you.

Keep Your “Big Picture” in View

Stay focused on what you want to achieve with your business. When you focus only on events happening right now, you can become overwhelmed and start making emotional decisions that may be detrimental to your company. However, by focusing on what your end goals are, you’re better able to think rationally, ask for help, and benefit your business.

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