Trust – How Do Companies Build This to Generate Repeat Business?

Since retaining repeat customers is more profitable than finding new ones, you want to continually provide value while filling your customers’ needs. Part of this process involves building trust. When you continue building trust while providing quality products and services, you generate repeat business and increase your revenue.

Provide Reliable Products and Services

Because people typically buy on emotion rather than logic, the quality of your offering needs to justify their purchase. Providing less-than-stellar products/services will draw negative reviews, decreasing your credibility, trust and customer base. To ensure the quality of your offerings, create focus groups asking your target audience what their needs are and what types of products and services will solve their challenges. Use the information to test the viability of your offerings and learn what your customers liked and disliked. Refine your products and services, ask your focus groups to use them again, and launch your offerings to the public when viable. You can use further customer feedback to continue improving your products and services.

Interact With Your Customers

For instance, provide long customer service hours where customers can have their questions answered and issues resolved in a timely manner. Post discussions on your social media accounts to share product and service information and gain input. Ask what customers like best about your company, and how you can improve. Request testimonials to post on your website and social media. Ask satisfied customers to write online reviews about why they love your offerings. Request referrals. Always express appreciation for your customers.

Show Your Expertise

Share your knowledge to position your company as an expert in the industry. For instance, give your target audience quality information about topics they care about in an easily understood manner. Show that your business is the go-to source for increasing education about your niche. Your methods may include blogging, podcasting, creating videos, or other means of communication. Always ensure your information is accurate, contains the right level of detail about the topic, and is shared in an appropriate manner.

Be Transparent

Remain transparent with your customers. For instance, if your products/services do not fit the needs of one of your leads, guide them to another company that has what they want. Since customers appreciate honesty and willingness to help meet their needs, they may turn to you in the future to fill other needs.

Stay Consistent

Maintain consistency so your customers know what to expect. For instance, create internal and external goals to retain the quality of your products and services. Having a consistent brand increases the value of your business by reinforcing your position in the marketplace, attracting higher-quality customers with greater retention rates, and raising the perceived value of your offerings. Having customers form a memory of how they view your brand reminds them that you are reliable, which encourages them to do repeat business with you.

Build Trust with USA Staffing Services

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