Tips to Help – Following Up the Right Way with a Prospect During a Sale

Properly following up with a prospect during a sale can be challenging. Although you want to connect with them in a reasonable amount of time, you don’t want to seem pushy. The key is to find ways to move the conversation forward and move closer to conversion.

Here are a few tips to follow up with a prospect without bothering them.

Choose Phone or Email Communication

Decide whether to use phone calls or email to follow up with your prospect. If you opt for phone calls, you’re able to build a personal relationship with your prospect. This helps move them to the conversion stage in a shorter amount of time than other methods. Since your prospect is busy, be prepared to leave several voicemails before potentially receiving a response. If you choose email, your prospect can read your message and think about what you’re saying. They might label it as “important” or “follow up later.” However, because your prospect receives more emails each day than they can go through, your message has to stand out and be recognized to be read. Most likely, you’ll have to send multiple emails to receive a response potentially.

Use Other Communication Channels

Implement other forms of communication to build rapport with your prospect. Since most text messages are read soon after they’re received, they help you stay on your prospect’s mind. Have a personal conversation, provide additional information, or ask the prospect to make a purchase. Or interact with a prospect through social media. Encourage them to talk with you. Include a compelling call to action requesting they take a specific step to reach you.

Include New Information

Add additional information in each form of communication. Include an angle and hook that make your messages exciting. Encourage your prospect to engage in a conversation with you. Focus on the individual and industry, their pain points, and how they tie to your service. Ask your prospect for something that can be quickly competed, like a short, prescheduled call. Ask questions to continue the conversation.

Close with the Next Step

Finish each communication with a clearly defined next step. If you’re talking with your prospect over the phone, they should have their schedule in front of them. Ask when a good time is for a follow-up call, meeting, or proposal. Be sure you get a commitment before letting them go.

Connect with Multiple Decision Makers

If multiple people at your prospect’s company are involved in the purchasing decision, reach out to each of them. Connecting with more than one decision-maker increases your close rate. The more influence you gain, the better your chances of helping stakeholders understand how you can help them.

Free Up Time to Follow Up with Prospects

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