Female Leaders Are Running More Remote Companies – Here’s Why

Gender parity is a significant issue in the workforce. The disparate number of men and women in leadership positions is an increasing concern. Fortunately, one current trend is that many remote companies have more female leaders than traditional companies do. This is an important part of closing the gender gap and moving toward equal pay for equal work. When women are in leadership roles, more women tend to be hired throughout the organization.

Here are some reasons why more female leaders are running remote companies.

Increased Flexibility

Remote companies offer workers more flexibility than traditional companies. This type of structure is more supportive of women progressing in the workforce. Providing a strong basis for work-life balance allows workers to fit in their work and personal responsibilities in ways that work best for them. Since remote work focuses on productivity, progress, and results in more than face time in the office, office politics, or hours spent at a desk, it’s more conducive to women moving up the corporate ladder.

Greater Productivity

Remote companies focus on results more than time spent working. There tend to be fewer distractions, shorter meetings, and more structured processes in a remote office than in a traditional work setting. This makes it possible to have shorter workdays. Having control over when, where, and how employees work makes them more productive. This is especially attractive to women who have multiple family responsibilities in addition to their full-time jobs.

Less Emphasis on Face Time

Remote companies typically place less emphasis on face time than traditional offices do. With strong performance measurement tools and systems for collaboration and connection, remote leaders don’t need to see each other every day. As a result, female leaders don’t have to spend so many long hours wearing executive wardrobes and fitting other visually based ideas of what it takes to be a leader. These women have more time to focus on the business of running teams, producing results, and providing the leadership their companies require.

More Level Playing Field

Remote companies typically structure and build company culture and measure performance in ways that advance staff into leadership. Using the proper structure, technology, processes, and training, these companies build a culture based on trust, loyalty, hard work, and collaboration. This creates an effective, enjoyable working environment in which employees excel. Such a foundation provides a basis for a more effective leadership structure that bases advancement, promotions, and recognition on a person’s ability to fulfill the responsibilities. This allows females the ability to care for children or aging parents and fulfill other family responsibilities while holding leadership positions at work.

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