Eliminate Unconscious Bias in Recruiting: Choosing the Right AI Solution

Creating a diverse workplace is among your top priorities. One way to do so is by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into your recruiting process. Using AI can help you base your hiring decisions on candidates’ skills and qualifications rather than on implicit stereotypes about their experience and background. Find out how choosing the right AI solutions to help eliminate unconscious bias in your recruiting process.  

Using Skills-Based Tests 

Rather than using a resume to assess a candidate, AI-based software can use skills-based tests to choose which candidates to interview. For instance, Pymetrics builds machine-learning algorithms that have your top candidates play neuroscience games to test for short-term memory, planning, responding and other traits needed to carry out job tasks. Results are analyzed by bias-tested algorithms created from your top performers in the role. Pymetrics provides you with a recommendation for each candidate’s predicted fit for the role. GapJumpers uses blind auditions, and skills-based tests to determine which candidates get called in for interviews. This increases the number of women and people from diverse educational backgrounds, not just Ivy League schools, who are hired for jobs.   

Making Candidates Anonymous  

AI can make candidates anonymous. This helps recruiters make hiring decisions based on knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications rather than other factors. For instance, Entelo redacts names, photos, gender, schools, graduation dates, and additional information that can lead to a preference for or against a candidate. Search Party brings up anonymous candidate profiles with enough data to make an educated hiring decision free from gender, ethnicity, and other bias-inducing information. Hiring managers use the remaining information to determine how many candidates they have, which candidates were selected for interviews and why, who interviewed the candidates, and what the outcome was. No matter the results, the right candidates were interviewed, and the best was hired.  

Implementing the Implicit Association Test 

Hiring managers can use AI to uncover and work to correct their biases. For instance, the Implicit Association Test uncovers thoughts that managers unconsciously hide from themselves and measures attitudes and beliefs they may be unwilling to report. The test measures the strength of associations between a concept, such as sexual orientation and evaluations, such as good or bad, and stereotypes, such as stylish or clumsy. Managers can use this information to correct their biases before interviewing candidates.  

Free Up Time for Recruiting 

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