Develop Your Online Brand So Your Business Can Be Found

In the competitive staffing services marketplace, creating your online brand will help determine to what extent your company prospers. Here are a few ways to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Get Established on Google Maps

Setting up your business on Google Maps boosts your local ranking in a Google search and keeps your company competitive online. Because details such as user location and search history are taken into account when finding information on a topic, generic searches typically default to local results. Your business needs to be listed so it shows up on top of search results for local staffing companies. In addition, information your clients need, such as driving directions, hours of operation and a phone number, is easily accessible with Google Maps. Because clients save time by quickly finding this information, they’re more inclined to do business with you. Since Google dominates search traffic, and Google Maps is a free service, take advantage today.

Create Easily Found Social Media Pages

Your company’s social media pages allow sharing content with thousands of followers at once to increase brand awareness, build client relationships and expand your operations. Social media helps you learn more about your audience, including age, gender and dominant languages spoken. That can help cater your company’s services to your target audience, reach new people and provide a better return on investment. You gain instant access to clients’ perspectives and insight into improving your services. You can quickly gather key information about competitors and improve your market intelligence, helping you make strategic business decisions to provide services others don’t and stay ahead in the marketplace. Social media sites also increase traffic to your website. Followers can share your posts, which rank you higher in search engines, and click to go to your website to learn more about your staffing services and become clients.

Manage Online Reputation on Yelp, Google, Others

With the rise in user review sites like Yelp and Google, monitoring your online reputation is vital. Consumers have a powerful voice in marketing your company’s message. You’ll need to track keywords and hashtags related to your brand, services and competitors to monitor online conversations related to your business and respond appropriately. Sometimes knowing what clients are saying is enough to guide your customer service decisions. Other times you may need to take action, such as if your staffing company is being slandered or defamed. Respond quickly to negative reviews or comments because they spread like wildfire; you’re more likely to change the reviewer’s perception of your company to a more positive one. Don’t delete negative comments unless they’re racist, offensive or in overall poor taste; you’ll look like you’re covering up an issue if you do. Take the conversation offline quickly and deal with it privately.

With the powerful impact social media has on the marketplace, you need to develop your online brand to grow your company. For help with all your back office business needs, contact USA Staffing Services today!