Contract Work is Easier to Sell Than Ever Before

Growing numbers of people are interested in contract work this year. They are trading the benefits of a full-time job for the flexibility and autonomy of contract work. These workers are changing the way they manage career development and how employers offer contract positions.


Workers are able to set their own schedule, work remotely during times they are most productive, and take off when desired. Rather than planning their lives around work, contract workers plan work around their lives. They invest their time off in traveling, spending time with family and friends, and pursuing hobbies and other personal interests. Plus, contract workers have opportunities to choose which companies and projects most appeal to them.


Taking on senior management roles means adding to a skill set and gaining additional experience. Both allow for career progression with more advanced roles. Also, taking on further responsibility keeps a contract worker’s skills current, making them even more valuable for their next gig. The growing education gap means employers are increasingly flexible when finding workers to fit their specialized needs. Plus, because talent may be located in specific geographic areas and unwilling to relocate, companies increasingly rely on contract workers to meet their needs.

Technology and Infrastructure 

Through cloud computing, advanced networks and other telecommunications infrastructure, workers can efficiently produce from anywhere with an internet connection. A variety of apps and software connect workers through video conferencing, project management and other tasks. Blockchain allows employers to transparently verify what work was done by a contract worker, so they know their skills, talents and contributions and can put together a team for a project. The technology also enables more efficient payment to contract workers for work completed.


By avoiding office politics, contract workers tend to have increased mental and physical wellness. Not having to commute to the office increased life satisfaction and less anxiety and stress. Not being around sick people results in less time off for illness. Plus, contract workers typically have more time for eating well, working out and maintaining work-life balance.

Tax Deductions

Contract workers gain a variety of tax deductions. Business-related food expenses, lodging, office expenses, and necessary equipment may be taken off their taxes. Such deductions may significantly lower a worker’s taxable income and increase the amount of money to live on.

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