Is Your Content Ready to Be Consumed When the Candidate is Ready?

Active and passive job candidates consume content from a variety of sources. Websites, social media, email and other platforms play a role in how you place your company and services. Targeting job candidates with appropriate content throughout the recruiting process will decrease your time to hire and increase your quality of hire, saving a significant amount of time and money on the recruiting process.

Creating Candidate Personas 

Candidate personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal job candidates. Personas use industry research, hiring trends and anecdotal evidence to help recruiters get inside the minds of their ideal candidates. Standard candidate personas use data involving work history, skills, qualifications and education along with personality traits, career goals, soft skills and employment preferences to determine what the ideal candidate looks like. Developing candidate personas helps to create and place job descriptions, portray employer branding, source passive candidates, reduce time-to-hire rates and increase employee retention by knowing how and when to engage with candidates.

Targeting Qualified Candidates

Begin by gathering data about successful hires through top-performer resumes and interviews. Find out what makes those employees successful. Include their age, location, job title, income, education, professional history, personal attributes, career goals and qualifications. Next, organize and analyze your data to identify trends. For example, do successful candidates share specific job/career experiences? Which skills do they need to succeed? What are their motivations? What do they look for in a work environment? Where do they search for jobs? Then, assemble your candidate personas. Use your insights to create a hypothetical candidate. Although some of your persona’s qualities will match the job description, some will not. Create a new candidate persona for each new job opening or position filled to increase efficiency in your recruiting process.

Creating Interesting and Useful Content

In the awareness stage, candidates want to know more about your company. Mention any awards, certifications, or recognition your business received. Include an inspiring story from your CEO. At the consideration stage, candidates want to know what your company has to offer them. Highlight projects your team is working on or mention your employees’ career paths. During the interest stage, candidates wonder whether they would fit with company culture. Post everyday office photos, employee testimonials and photos from company events. In the application stage, provide application process instructions and an online quiz that matches candidate skills with job openings. During the selection stage provide interview tips from HR and your recruiters’ profiles. In the hiring stage post content about your onboarding package and new employee welcome video.

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