After the Sale – Which Communication Tips Improve Customer Retention?

Ongoing communication is one key to turning one-time buyers into repeat customers. In addition to providing exceptional quality in your services, accurately communicating with customers through the methods they prefer encourages them to do repeat business with you. Because it costs more to cultivate new customer relationships than it does to maintain your current customers, you save time and money by gaining long-term customers. Returning customers are more likely to purchase from you than a competitor. They’re also more likely to spend more on additional purchases than their original one. Plus, repeat customers often share their experiences with others who may become customers as well. Because of the benefits you receive, it’s in your best interest to create as many repeat customers as possible.

Follow these communication tips to increase your customer retention level.

Map Out Customer Relationships

Create a roadmap for how you’d like each customer relationship to develop. Your customers want to know that your services are benefitting their business – now and in the future. They want to know what your next steps are to develop the relationship and keep it growing. Continue to revise each roadmap regularly. Add steps for new milestones and goals. Ensure each customer knows what you plan to have in store for them down the road.

Track Your Results 

Remain updated on each customer’s results. They’re more likely to continue purchasing your services if they’re receiving a strong return on investment. Use an effective system to track and report the metrics that matter to your customer and relate to the goals you established together. Remain transparent about the results you see, the opportunities you find for improvement, and what to work on next month. Pointing out how your services influenced a customer’s goals encourages them to continue to do business with you.

Request Feedback

Ask each customer for ongoing feedback about their experience with your company. Find out which issues may lead to customer churn so you can proactively handle them. You might email each decision-maker a survey after a transaction to identify trends, anticipate problems, and find ways to solve them. You’ll be better prepared to overcome obstacles as they occur.

Map Out a Consistent Customer Experience

Create as much consistency as possible for your customers. Knowing what you expect builds trust. Being able to rely on your company to provide promised deliverables and results encourages repeat business. Build out processes for onboarding new customers. Schedule regular check-ins and milestones to ensure shared goals and responsibilities are met. Provide each customer insight into what needs to be done and when.

Maximize Your Time for Customer Communication

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