Closing the Sale – What Gets the Contract Signed and Services Delivered?

Seeing your hard work come to fruition by closing a sale is rewarding. You’re able to provide exceptional value for your client and make money for your small business. However, there’ll be times when you encounter obstacles to getting the contract signed and services delivered. To minimize the wait time involved with completing a deal, you need to find ways to facilitate the process.

Implement these guidelines to receive a signed a contract and deliver on services more quickly.

Talk with Top Decision Makers

Be in conversation with the lead decision-makers. Have their direct contact information so you can personally reach them. This lets you directly ask for their business rather than moving contract requests from employee to employee. Knowing who makes the final decision enables you to prepare to overcome potential objections and determine additional opportunities to increase value in the deal.

Clearly Understand Your Client’s Goals

Be sure your client’s goals are clearly defined, so you deliver the most effective contract. It must align with their needs, timelines, and objectives to increase the odds of being accepted. Your contract has to detail the services included, payment terms, deadlines, next steps, and required legal agreements.

Set Expectations

Communicate your expectations for the contract process. If your expectations aren’t defined, the client may believe there’s time to negotiate and take longer to sign than desired. Or, you may not realize how quickly your client would like a contract and take longer to create one. Include a timeline for the sales process to be complete with a firm decision and signature deadline. Assist your client with the decision process by including benchmark dates in your proposal.

Deliver on Promises

Full all obligations you promised your client. Depending on the nature of your sale, you might have included fee/cost transparency, additional information on the service, or educational resources to help your client find a solution. Delivering on everything you guaranteed encourages your client to sign your contract. If you commit to additional services before closing the deal, follow through on them according to your timeline.

Follow Up

If the deadline for signing your contract passes, follow up with your client. They might have been busy with other work and not had time to review your agreement. If you used contract software, check the analytics and document activity to see whether your client viewed the contract. If they did, call or send the decision-maker an email. If not, make sure the correct decision-makers received the contract. Review the wording in your contract, phone calls, and email communications. Make sure you’re not being too pushy and putting pressure on your client or being too passive and potentially confusing about deadlines, responsibilities, and deliverables.

Gain Time to Close Sales

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