Closing a Job Candidate: What Do They Want in Their Next Job?

Part of closing a candidate involves knowing what they are looking for in their next job. Although a competitive salary may be one answer, they want more than just additional pay. Knowing exactly what candidates want serves as a guide for what to talk about to increase the odds of getting your job offer accepted.

Benefits and Perks

Candidates often accept a lower salary if they receive desirable benefits and perks. Health insurance, a retirement plan, flexible schedule and remote work options top the list. Student loan repayment, parental-leave policies and life insurance rank high as well. Amenities such as gyms, unlimited vacation time and food are also in demand. Point out which benefits and perks your company offers to attract and retain top talent.


Because they spend so much time at work, candidates want to continue adding to their knowledge base and skill set to advance their careers. Mention intellectual and creative challenges they may have if they work for you. Point out the demands of the role and how they promote engagement and productivity. Provide examples of promotion into more challenging roles with greater leadership requirements. Share how your company stresses professional development and offers opportunities both on the job and outside the office.


They want to know the facts about a company and have access to information when they need it. Point out transparency in pay and benefits to help make an informed decision. Mention transparency in career growth opportunities for long-term employment. Show transparency in job responsibilities and expectations. Transparency builds trust and contributes to employee loyalty.


Point out the benefits of where your company is located. It may be near mass transit stations, have plenty of employee parking or be within walking distance of a candidate’s residence. Perhaps having a flexible schedule would allow the candidate to come to the office before or after peak travel times. Remote work options that eliminate the need to come to the office may be attractive as well.

Personal and Professional Alignment

Candidates want an employer who encourages them to perform their best while working toward a common, impactful goal. Their work must match who they are and what they believe in. Mention ways the candidate can apply their skills to various opportunities for strengthening and growth. Find out what matters most to candidates and point out how your business emphasizes the same.

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