Closing a Job Candidate: Why Are They Leaving Their Current Job?

Employees leave their jobs for a variety of reasons. They may move across the country, change careers, go back to school or have other motivations. Because some reasons are within employer control, you want to find out why each candidate is looking for something new. Use their motivation in looking for a new job and explain how that issue with their current company won’t happen with your organization.

Relationship With the Boss

Because the boss plays a significant role in one’s work life, there needs to be a functioning relationship. Having one-on-one meetings, taking direction, and implementing feedback from someone the candidate does not get along with makes them less engaged and productive. Having a toxic relationship with someone they report to results in lower confidence and commitment to the job. To combat this, give examples of how bosses personally and professionally get to know their team members, help them set short- and long-term professional goals, and contribute to business growth.

Company Culture

Workers need to feel appreciated and respected. They also want proper compensation, benefits and perks that show their employer cares. Workers desire company events, celebrations and team-building activities to feel valued. Therefore, demonstrate ways in which your company stresses transparency through clear, understandable communication and direction. Show how management is accessible and executives are approachable. Point out what makes your culture unique and why employees enjoy being part of it.

Lack of Challenge

Because people spend more time at work than at home, they want to pursue their passion at a job that engages and excites them. Workers want to create and perform in ways that add to their skill set and promote professional growth. Their contributions promote a sense of pride, accomplishment and self-confidence. For these reasons, point out the opportunities the candidate has to use their skills and abilities in reaching business goals. Show examples of on-the-job training and outside-the-office learning opportunities. Demonstrate a potential career path with increasing responsibility throughout the organization.

Contribution to Business Goals

Workers want to feel connected and their efforts impact more than just their role. They need to see how their work affects their department and the organization as a whole. Demonstrate how the position helps carry out company mission, values, and beliefs. Point out how the business would not be as successful without proper job performance.

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