Why You Can’t Wait to Provide Employee Feedback

Unless you let your employees know what they’re doing well, and quickly address the issues they’re having at work, you can’t help your staff be more productive. Here are some ways to provide effective employee feedback and improve your bottom line.

Be Immediate

Workers learn best when caught in action. Give positive feedback publicly and constructive feedback privately, such as in the employee’s office or over the phone. If you wait too long to discuss an issue, it’s harder to recall what happened and suggest ways to improve. For example, if a staff member is filling out a report incorrectly, kindly point out the errors and give verbal guidance as your employee fills out the document correctly. This saves time down the road from having a similar action recur.

Be Positive

Build your employees’ confidence by creating a safe environment when giving constructive feedback. Give as much positive feedback as you do corrective. Positive feedback stimulates reward centers in the brain and opens a person to improvement. Creating a healthy environment where your staff members feel valued and important makes your workers more likely to listen to you and respond accordingly.

Be Specific

Give specific examples of what your employees are doing well and what issues need work. Think through what you want to say beforehand to give your feedback greater quality. Ensure you are prepared and engaged when clarifying the issue. For example, “Going forward, I’d like to hear you give at least one opinion in every meeting.” Be sure you follow up and see that your suggested changes are being implemented.

Be Conversational

Ask clarifying questions to understand your staff member’s point of view about a specific issue. Take time to clarify that your worker understands what you’re saying. Ask them to discuss what you said and give an example to show understanding. Find out how you or the company can improve as well. Perhaps there are ways you could serve others differently or be a more effective employer. When you’re truthful with your staff members, they’ll be more truthful with you.

Exceptional feedback helps build a healthy corporate culture and solid teams that improve your bottom line. For more help with advancing your company, reach out to the friendly professionals at USA Staffing Services today!